2022 Legislation


Emergency Medical Care and Treatment to Minors Without Parental Consent (CS 817)

This important legislation removes requirement that emergency medical care or treatment to minor without parental consent be administered in hospital or college health service. This language previously prevented physicians from having the ability to treat minors in situations such as a car accident.

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse (CS/CS/HB 1277 – CS/CS/SB 1262 passed)

CS/CS/ SB 1262 makes several changes to procedures surrounding voluntary and involuntary examinations of individuals under the Baker and Marchman Acts. The bill prohibits restrictions on visitors, phone calls, and written correspondence for Baker Act patients unless certain qualified medical professionals document specific conditions are met. The bill requires law enforcement officers to search certain electronic databases for emergency contact information of Baker and Marchman Act patients being transported to a receiving facility.

Under the bill, patients subject to an involuntary Baker Act examination who do not meet the criteria for a petition for involuntary services must be released at the end of 72 hours, regardless of whether the examination period ends on a weekend or holiday, as long as certain discharge criteria are met. The bill also permits psychiatric APRNs practicing under the protocols of a psychiatrist in a nationally accredited community mental health center to conduct discharge examinations for patients held under an involuntary Baker Act.

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LifeStream Central Receiving Facility-Citrus County (HB 4963)

The funding will be utilized for a Citrus County Central Receiving System which will provide a 20-bed Baker Act Receiving facility to provide inpatient psychiatric services and a centrally located behavioral health Access/Emergency Services unit. Currently there are no means for citizens to get these essential public safety and quality healthcare services within the county. As the number of individuals needing services increases, it is critical to provide this essential service.   

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YMCA Safety Around Water (HB 4951)

Water Safety and Swim lessons that have specific tactics to teach students to be safe in and around the water. Community awareness campaigns through strengthening drowning prevention task forces. A Statewide marketing campaign geared to teach citizens about supervision, use of barriers, learn to swim and rescue.      

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Fort Island Trail Multi-Use Path Phase 1 (HB 4983)

Engineering Design, Permitting and Construction of a portion of the Ft. Island Tr. Multi-Use Path. The Ft. Island Tr. Multi-Use Path from Roy Thomas to Islamirada is the first of several phases of a 10-14 foot wide asphalt and boardwalk Multi-use Path project. The first phase (approx.2.6 miles) will be from W. Roy Thomas Rd. to N. Islamorada Way.

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Beverly Hills Community Park Revitalization (HB 4985)

The project’s construction will include the remodeling, expansion, and development of existing and new recreational areas and facilities of three community parks in Beverly Hills, Florida. The most densely populated and economically vulnerable area in Citrus County. The potential of sports development for travel sports, safe planned green spaces with future nature tourism, and economic development opportunities are sorely needed. Something that has been missing for this beautiful part of FL.      

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Crystal River Kings Bay River Walk Final Phase (HB 4997)

The Kings Bay Riverwalk is a near one-mile meandering paved trail, over and near the water, that showcases Crystal River’s natural beauty while protecting the State’s $25 million investment in restoring the bay. Once this final 25% is constructed, all Florida residents and nearly 350,000 documented tourists can utilize the Riverwalk to view the bay’s offerings, including the abundant West Indian Manatee, recently restored seagrasses, numerous restaurants, and shops that will be interconnected.  

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West Inverness City Trail and Withlacoochee State Trail Connector (HB 4993)

Increased tourism from cyclists utilizing the Withlacoochee State Trail. Improved multi-generational healthy living/lifestyle for current residents and visitors. Better economic development potential for an area of low-moderate income households. Enhanced environmental protection for native wildlife and residential potable water wells. Wastewater main to eliminate existing septic tanks. Improved ground and surface water quality.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters School to Work Program (HB 4995)

The School-to-Work program goal is to help students improve their chances of graduating and transitioning to the workplace. Allowing them to meet with mentors and also shadow volunteer employee mentors in the workplace for just a few hours each month during the school year. This exposure to the workplace and encouragement from volunteer mentors makes a world of difference as students improve their grades, gain in self-esteem, and graduate high school with plans for a career.                                          

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Canes Construction Academy – Citrus High School – Citrus County (HB 4965)

To empower Citrus County students with the knowledge and skills needed for high-skilled, high-demand construction and manufacturing careers. The students will learn residential construction focused skills, receive hands-on training, and master the knowledge needed be successful in the building industry. Upon program completion, students will have the resources for direct employment in high-wage construction careers or advanced training through technical colleges or the Florida College System.

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Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes Restoration Project (HB 4953)

The Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes is the largest freshwater system in Citrus county. It covers approximately 22,000 acres and includes 15 lakes. The goal is to reduce floating tussocks and remove bottom sediment (along with nitrogen and phosphorus) that has increased since the addition of flow controls on each of the three pools (Hernando, Inverness and Floral City pools). The end result will improve fisheries habitat and improve access for recreational users.         

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Homosassa River Restoration Project (HB 4955)

Homosassa River is a first magnitude spring and designated an Outstanding Florida Waterway which has been identified as a priority waterbody by SWIM. The goal is to restore water quality and manatee habitat by vacuum removal of filamentous algae (Lyngbya) and Benthic detrital matter and plant submerged aquatic vegetation     

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Citrus County Kings Bay Restoration Project (HB 4957)

Kings Bay is an OFW and SWIM Priority Waterbody that has been listed as impaired for nutrients and filamentous algae by FDEP and USEPA. It also supports the largest population of the West Indian Manatee and contains one of the highest densities of coastal first order magnitude fresh water springs in the world. Our goal is to restore water quality and manatee habitat by vacuum removal of filamentous algae (Lyngbya) and Benthic detrital matter and plant submerged aquatic vegetation.        

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Citrus County Septic to Sewer for Academy of Environmental Science (HB 4959)

Eliminate the existing aging septic system and convert to a sewer system. Currently, the septic system services 125 students and staff through 10 months of the year, the equivalent of 30 homes with four people. The waste from the current septic system is not good for the environment, especially considering the school’s location adjoins Kings Bay.       

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Brooksville Hernando Oaks Reclaimed Water (HB 9191)

The City is proposing to expand our reclaim services to the Hernando Oaks Golf Course for irrigation with a total of 7,500 feet of reuse line connecting to an already existing pond. Reuse water is a sustainable and cost-effective water supply, it reduces the demand of needed water from our drinking-water source, the Floridan aquifer as well as reducing the costs of pumping water from the aquifer for irrigation purposes.                                     

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Brooksville Tampa Bay Regional Airport – Runway Rehabilitation (HB 4961)

Repair and rehabilitate the inactive runway at BKV to a condition compatible with safely receiving aircraft as a newly improved taxi-lane. This will allow the County to capitalize on the surge in interest from aviation clients and provide the opportunity for additional job creation, capital investment, and securing long-term tenants.                            

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Crystal River Airport Runway Extension and Environmental Assessment (HB 4987)

The goal of the requested funds is to bring Runway 9-27 into compliance with Advisory Circular 150/5325-4B and to accommodate the runway length requirements for the design aircraft at Crystal River Airport. The extension of the Runway will attract more aircraft operations otherwise constrained by weight limits and bring more visitors to the community and local businesses.

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Crystal River Turkey Oak Bypass (HB 4991)

Improvement of an existing SR 44 bypass by constructing strategic upgrades along an existing Turkey Oak Drive. The Suncoast Parkway II project is nearing completion and, once complete, will deadend into SR-44 just east of the City of Crystal River. The upgrade of Turkey Oak will create an opportunity to route more thru traffic efficiently around the City.          

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Citrus County Old Homosassa North Septic to Sewer (HB 4999)

The project consists of the connection of existing residential dwelling unit septic systems located in the Chass/Homosassa springshed to Citrus County’s wastewater collection system. The construction will include installation of a new sanitary sewer collection system to the resident’s lot lines and any associated components which many include lift station(s) and grinder pump stations. The County’s requirements will then result in the connection of up to 135 residents and a total of 327 lots.          

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Brooksville Tampa Bay Regional Airport and Technology Center Multi-Modal Project (HB 9001)

The infrastructure improvements at the Rail Park will serve the community as a whole but will be extremely impactful to our current and future workforce as well as existing and future industries. Hernando County has the lowest median income in the Tampa Bay area and this infrastructure improvement will allow for the creation of additional jobs in targeted industries and provide for increased personal income for the local population            

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Brooksville Stormwater Conveyance Improvements (HB 9003)

The requested funding for this purchase will allow the City of Brooksville to do everything we can to reduce the amount of pollutants entering the waters, help to protect our natural waterways, ensure we are not contributing to potential contamination of our drinking water supply and assists in reducing the potential for flooding.       

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Brooksville Stormwater Critical Facility Power Backup Plan (HB 9005)

Preparation is the best defense against power outages in critical facilities, therefore, the requested funding will allow the City of Brooksville to purchase twelve (12) generators to reduce or eliminate risk to the City, businesses and resident’s health/life and property.  

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CS/CS/HJR 1 Additional Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Specified Critical Public Service Workforce

CS/HB 3 Law Enforcement                             

CS/HB 5 Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality                          

CS/HB 105 of Smoking by Counties and Municipalities                        

CS/HB 397 Court Fiscal Administration             

HB 1469 Transportation Facility Designations                                       

HB 1541 Governmental Accountability                       

CS/HB 1571 Residential Picketing                                 

HR 1597 Ukraine                               

HB 7065Child Welfare

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