Legislative Accomplishments

Delivered by Rep. Ralph Massullo, MD

Where Dr. Ralph Stands on Issues Facing Florida

In his role as a physician, he’s gained a unique perspective about the health care. As a public servant, he’s fought to improve access to care and end practices by big insurance that put profits before patients. As the founder and president of his Lecanto-based practice, Dr. Ralph knows first-hand the challenges that facing business owners across our state. That’s why he worked hard to not only cut the red tape, but the taxes that all too often get in the way of creating jobs.

Standing Up for Individual Freedoms

Florida’s place as a beacon of freedom and opportunity is under attack by an out-of-control Biden Administration that wants to dictate to Floridians how to live and tell us what we can and can’t do.  Ralph Massullo sponsored Governor Desantis’s anti-vaccine mandate bill that protected Floridians right to work and put a stop to the federal government’s policy of vaccine mandates.  We can count on Ralph to always stand up for individual freedoms and pushback on the Biden Administration.

Enforcing Florida’s Law and Protecting our Borders
There is no state in the union that believes in law and order more than Florida.  Ralph Massullo has helped shape Florida into the nation’s friendliest state for law enforcement and first responders.  Ralph believes we must enforce the rule of law and that means we won’t tolerate violent protests and lawlessness.  It also means, we’ll enforce our borders and take a zero-tolerance approach to illegal immigration.  While Washington D.C. fails to secure our border, Florida will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with border states in helping keep our country safe and our border protected.  We can count on Ralph Massullo to protect the rule of law and enforce our borders.

Through lower taxes and less regulation, Florida not only can, but must create a “climate” that attracts small and startup companies that employ our Nature Coast neighbors.

Keeping Florida’s Economy Strong
Florida is open for business and leading the nation in economic opportunity.  Ralph Massullo is a fiscal conservative and has a proven track record of supporting our local businesses, cutting taxes on Florida families, and promoting free-market ideas that help grow jobs and create greater opportunities for high-paying careers.  We can count on Ralph Massullo to be a champion for working Floridians and keep Florida’s economy safe and OPEN.
Upholding our Constitution
The principles, values, and liberties enshrined in our Constitution are the foundation for America’s greatness. In Florida, we have a Governor and Legislature that protects life and our ability to exercise our Second Amendment.  As a doctor, Ralph Massullo knows that life begins at conception and Ralph has a perfect voting record when it comes to the protection of the unborn.  We can count on Ralph Massullo to stand up for the rights of the unborn and protect our Constitutional rights.

2019 Legislation

Legislation that Provides Additional Pathways to Prepare Students to Become Career-Ready

Workforce Education (House Bill 7071)

My strong belief is that college isn’t for everyone and accumulating debt for post-secondary education for a degree that one may lose interest in or never obtain a job to utilize the degree doesn’t make sense. Having said that, I am not discrediting college, but I want to emphasize the need for a skilled workforce and help remove the stigma that one MUST go to college! Some of the highlights of this bill are as follows; HB 7071 provides students flexibility to pursue advanced career pathways. The bill requires the Department of Education to increase public awareness of apprenticeship and pre apprenticeship opportunities, eliminates industry certifications that are not aligned to industry needs, establishes formal career dual enrollment agreements between high schools and career centers and allows students with an industry certification to earn two mathematics credits for Algebra I. The bill also allows a computer science credit to substitute for a mathematics or science credit and requires a biennial review of career education courses for alignment with high school graduation requirements and establishes a “College and Career Decision Day” to recognize high school seniors for their postsecondary education and career plans.
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Legislation that Streamlines  Access for Schools and Parents Sharing Immunization Records 

Immunization Registry (House Bill 213)

This important bill updated the current Florida Shots database, allowing HIPAA compliant electronic record keeping to be accessible to specific school employees and health care providers for the purpose of school registration. The opt-out was also updated to completely remove any identifying information of those individuals who so choose not to participate.  Streamlining the process for parents, healthcare providers and school administration should decrease time, frustration and cost for all individuals involved.
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Legislation that Puts Patients Over Profit

Prescription Drug Utilization Management (House Bill 559)

In regards to Health Care Reform the main Step Therapy bill I had in play didn’t make it in a stand-alone bill, but some of the components were embedded in Senate Bill 7078. Step Therapy or Fail First is a growing issue in which health insurers deny covered, working medications for patients stating that they must try and fail other drugs before the drug they are on will be covered.  Although minor changes were made this session that I am thankful for, it is not enough.  This is dangerous and sometimes fatal for patients and I will continue to work towards a better solution for patients.
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Stroke Centers (House Bill 993)

I was proud to co-sponsor bill that revises the criteria under which a hospital qualifies as a stroke center and adds a new class of stroke centers to the current-law list of stroke centers that the Agency for Health Care Administration is required to maintain and make available on its website and to the Department of Health.
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Legislation that Increases Transparency & Accountability

For the second session I passed a pair of bills off the floor relating to Trade Secrets and Public Records.  This pair of bills gave transparency to state contracts and how tax payer dollars are being spent. Money that belongs to the taxpayers should be spent with an unobstructed view of the taxpayers.  Unfortunately, Senate movement was lacking and was never heard on the floor so will not be sent to the governor.

OGSR/Hurricane and Flood Loss Model Trade Secrets (House Bill 7091)

Removes scheduled repeal of exemption relating to certain information related to trade secrets used to design an insurance hurricane or flood loss model.
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OGSR/Informal Enforcement Actions and Trade Secrets/OFR (House Bill 7097)

Removes scheduled repeal of exemptions from public records requirements for certain informal enforcement actions engaged in & trade secrets held by OFR.
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Legislation that MAKES OUR ROADS SAFER

Wireless Communication While Driving (House Bill 107)

I was proud to co-sponsor the Wireless Communications While Driving bill updating the law to make this a primary offense was one of the first I signed on to.
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Additional Funding to Protects District 34’s Waterways & Springs

Citrus County Kings Bay Restoration Project Phase 2 (House Bill 3441)

Provides $2.5 million for the Citrus County Kings Bay Restoration Project.
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(House Bill 3429)

Provides $450,000 for the Crystal River Hunter Springs Linear Park.
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Additional Funding to Improve  District 34’s Infrastructure

(House Bill 4169)

Provides $1 million for the Runway 27 Extension in Hernando County
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Citrus County – CR 491 Road Widening (House Bill 3445)

Provides $13.3 million for the CR 491 Road Widening in Citrus County
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Hernando County Airport Reclamation Facility Expansion (House Bill 4167)

Provides $3 million for the Hernando County Airport Water Reclamation Facility Expansion
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Additional Funding for Education in District 34 

Citrus County School District – Project SHINE:  $900,000 (House Bill 3433)

Provides $900,000 for the Project SHINE, a Citrus County School District program.
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Additional Funding for Mental Health Services for District 34

LifeStream Citrus County Central Receiving System (House Bill 3437)

Provides $600,000 for the LifeStream Citrus County Central Receiving System.
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2018 Filed Legislation

Legislation that Protects Seniors & Persons with Special Needs

Health Care Disaster Preparedness and Response (House Bill 7085)

Directs the Florida Department of Health (DOH), in coordination with Division of Emergency Management & local emergency management agencies, to maintain a statewide registry of persons with special needs; requires nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health agencies and nurse registries to have an emergency management plan & to conduct staff training; reassigns responsibility from DOH to the Florida agency for Healthcare Adminststation for establishing & maintaining online database for licensees providing residential or inpatient services to report information regarding emergency status, planning, & operations; requires licensees to provide for continuation of services under emergency conditions.
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Patient’s Choice of Providers (House Bill 143)

Prohibits health insurer from excluding willing & qualified health care provider from participating in health insurer’s provider network under certain circumstances.
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Consumer Protection from Nonmedical Changes to Prescription Drug Formularies (House Bill 229)

Limits changes to health insurance policies’ prescription drug formulary during policy year; requires small employer carriers to limit changes to prescription drug formularies.
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Telehealth (House Bill 793)

Encourages state group health insurance program to offer health insurance plans that include telehealth coverage; authorizes AHCA to pay for certain telehealth services as optional Medicaid services; defines terms; establishes standard of care for telehealth providers; authorizing use of telehealth to perform patient evaluations; provides that telehealth providers, under certain circumstances, are not required to research patient’s history or conduct physical exam before providing services; provides situations when use of telehealth is not deemed to be practicing medicine without a license; authorizes certain providers to use telehealth to prescribe specified controlled substances; provides construction; requires DOH to develop & disseminate educational materials to specified licenses; provides recordkeeping requirements; provides patient consent requirements; encourages certain insurers to include services provided through telehealth under certain conditions.
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Health Care Certification (House Bill 81)

Prohibits Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine, and DOH, health care facilities, and insurers from requiring certain certifications as conditions of licensure, reimbursement, or admitting privileges.
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Legislation that Provides Students with Additional Pathways to Become Career-Ready

Alternative High School Graduation Requirements (House Bill 311)

Provides alternative pathways to standard high school diploma, student eligibility requirements, & requirements for meeting alternative pathways to standard high school diploma; specifies required documentation & requires district school boards to incorporate certain information in specified plan.
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Legislation that Increases Transparency & Accountability

Public Records (House Bill 459)

Provides that certain information related to agency contracts is not confidential or exempt from public records requirements; removes or revises numerous provisions relating to exemptions from public records requirements for trade secrets.
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Public Records/Trade Secrets Held by an Agency (House Bill 461)

Provides exemption from public record requirements for trade secret held by agency; provides notice requirements; provides process for responding to public record requests; provides exception to exemption; provides that agency employee is not liable for release of records in compliance with act; provides applicability; provides for future legislative review & repeal of exemption; provides statement of public necessity.
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Prohibit Use of SNAP Benefits to Purchase Soft Drinks (House Bill 847)

Urges Congress to prohibit the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to purchase soft drinks.
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Legislation that Encourages Students to Become Teachers

The Teacher Scholarship Program (House Bill 757)

Establishes Teacher Scholarship Program within the Florida Department of Education(DOE); provides program purpose & requirements; provides for rulemaking.
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Legislation that Protects Our Waterways & Springs

Citrus County Kings Bay Restoration (House Bill 2487)

Provides an appropriation for the Citrus County Kings Bay Restoration.
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Homosassa River Restoration (House Bill 2629)

Provides an appropriation for the Homosassa River Restoration.
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Citrus County Cambridge Greens Septic to Sewer (House Bill 4091)

Provides an appropriation for the Citrus County Cambridge Greens Septic to Sewer.
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Citrus County Old Homosassa West Septic to Sewer Project (House Bill 4093)

Provides an appropriation for the Citrus County Old Homosass West Septic to Sewer Project.
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Three Sisters Springs Infrastructure (House Bill 4429)

Provides an appropriation for the Three Sisters Springs Infrastructure Improvements.
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Hernando County Fire Rescue Station #2 Renovation (House Bill 3971)

Provides an appropriation for the Hernando County Fire Rescue Station #2 Renovation Project.
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Brooksville Fire Department Renovation Project (House Bill 3973)

Provides an appropriation for the Brooksville Fire Department Renovation Project.
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Hernando County Fire Rescue Station #6 Renovation (House Bill 3975)

Provides an appropriation for the Hernando County Fire Rescue Station #6 Renovation Project.
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City of Crystal River Public Safety Building (House Bill 4425)

Provides an appropriation for the City of Crystal River Public Safety Building.
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Legislation that Funds the Historical Preservation of a Local Treasure

Historic Hernando School Restoration (House Bill 4427)

Provides an appropriation for the Historic Hernando School Restoration.
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2017 Passed Legislation

Industrial Hemp Programs (House Bill 1217)

Authorizes specified state universities to engage in industrial hemp programs under certain conditions; requires universities to adopt rules, pursue funding, & submit report to Governor & Legislature.
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High School Graduation Requirements (House Bill 6015)

Removes requirement that student participating in interscholastic sport pass competency test on personal fitness to satisfy physical education credit requirement for high school graduation.
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Ratification of Rules of the Board of Medicine (House Bill 7009)

Ratifies rules related to standard of care for office surgery, for sole & exclusive purpose of satisfying condition on effectiveness pursuant to law, which requires ratification of rule meeting specified thresholds for likely adverse impact or increase in regulatory costs.
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